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We have a wealth of experience in canine behaviour and training. We believe that sharing this knowledge leads to more informed dog parents and happier and healthier dogs.

You love your dog but canine behaviour can often be a mystery.

Read on to find out useful information about your dog’s behaviour, what it may mean and if they may need professional support.

Our blog is written by our highly experienced and knowledgeable founder Una McEvoy. Una is a long-time dog lover and dog mother to a lovely German Shepherd named Sheba. Una has taken a wide range of courses in canine behaviour and training and is a very competent trainer and behaviour consultant. She has many years of experience working with a variety of breeds and behaviours helping them to succeed.

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Walkies with Una is a professional dog training and walking company based in East London. We provide individual and small group walks, specialised workshops and a range of in-person and online training options to ensure your dog is set up to succeed.

We believe in putting your dog’s needs at the centre of all the decisions we make. This is why we believe in compassionate and ethical positive reinforcement-based training techniques. We strongly believe these techniques will help solidify new behaviours and strengthen your bond with your dog.

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We offer individual and small group walks to ensure that your dog has a walk that is tailored to their specific needs and personality. Fill in our contact form to enquire about our dog walking services.

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