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At Walkies with Una, we are a team of knowledgeable dog walkers based in East London with a heart for all things canine. We strongly believe in putting your dog’s needs and personality first and this impacts all our decisions.

We walk dogs alone or in groups of up to three dogs. This also allows us to tailor your dog’s walk to their individual needs, likes and dislikes. Doing this ensures that your dog has a walk that suits their personality and gets enough mental stimulation and exercise.

Our depth of knowledge in canine behaviour and training means that we are well equipped to ensure your dog has a terrific walk each and every time. All our walkers are disclosure checked and canine first aid trained. We aim to continually increase our understanding of canine behaviour and training to ensure your dog has best in class care.

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Dogs are only allowed off lead with your permission and after the dog has a good recall and a strong relationship with their walker.

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Group walking doesn’t suit all dogs. Some don’t have the level of training or personality type for group outings or just prefer walking alone. Our 1:1 walks are perfect for pooches who prefer some alone time. A 1:1 walk also means that the entire walk is tailored to your dog’s needs and personality.

This service is also suitable for 2 dog households or if your dog doesn’t have the required training to join a paired walk.


Solo dog

Monday to Friday - £18 per 30 mins or £30 per hour

Saturdays - £45

2 dog household

£45 per hour Solo Walk 


We prefer to keep group sizes small so that each dog has enough time dedicated to their needs. Thus, we usually walk in pairs or groups of three. This makes for highly personalised walks.

This service is suitable for friendly dogs with a basic level of training. We don’t offer this service to intact males over 1 year old.


Monday to Friday - £22 per hour per dog 


We also offer training walks to reinforce behaviours that you are working on with your dog.

A course of training walks entails:

A minimum of 1 training walk per week for 4 weeks

If you are already training with us, simply email us to ask about this service.

If you are not training with us, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out before a consultation to create a plan of action.


£45 per hour

Interested in joining a training program?


We offer pet sitting and holiday care for a wide variety of animals.

We are able to ensure they are clean, fed and watered but also cuddled, played with and even groomed while you are away.

We offer in-home check-ins where your animal gets to stay home in a familiar place and we pop in once or twice daily as preferred.

We also offer overnight pet sitting where one of our team stays overnight to care for your pet. This service includes daily care and a 1-hour walk.


In-house check-ins

£18 per 30-minute visit

Bank Holidays £25 per 30-minute visit

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Pet Sitting


Our team of passionate dog walkers in East London is well equipped to provide the best of care to your beloved pooch. Our passion and attention mean that we, unfortunately, have a waiting list for our dog walking services.

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