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Quality products to help enhance your dog’s life

As dog lovers and owners ourselves, we know that finding the right products to use with your dog can be a hassle. There’s such a wide range out there and you don’t always know what’s going to work, what your dog will like or what’s safe for them.

At Walkies with Una, we use a range of toys and tools every day to ensure your dog is mentally and physically stimulated on their walks. We have a fairly unique opportunity as dog walkers, trainers and behaviourists to, try a range of products on a variety of breeds to know what works best and what dogs love.

Below is a selection of some of our favourite products. Each link is a product that we use, love and would highly recommend for your pooch. We have done the trail and testing so that you dont have to.

Products we Love: Welcome


PULLER Standard Interactive Dog Toy Fitness Tool Set.jpg
Dingo Waldemar Rutkowski Fleece Dog Toy.jpg
POPETPOP 3pcs Dog Bite Tug Toys.jpg
Tug Toy Dog Bite Pillow.jpg
Tug Toy Dog Training Bite Pillow Durable.jpg
TUff e nuff.jpg

Use the discount code WALKIESWITHUNA for 10% off at tug-e-nuff 

Leads and harnesses 

2in1 10 Meter Training-Exercise Dog Lead.jpg
25mm Police Style Dog Training Leads.jpg
Perfect Harness.jpg
The Muzzle Shop.jpg


Trixie Dog Activity Snack Roll.jpg
Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch Bag, Dog Walking Bag.jpg
Treat Pouch Bag with Magnetic Closure.jpg
LICKIMAT dog treat mat.jpg
Lickimat Soother Treat Mat.jpg
KONG Ballistic Hide 'N Treat.jpg
KONG - Wobbler - Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy.jpg

Small Dogs

KONG - Wobbler™ - Interactive.jpg

Large Dogs

KONG - Classic Dog Toy - Durable.jpg
KONG Classic Medium Dog.jpg
KONG Classic with Rope Dog Toy, Medium.jpg

Medium Dogs


Ferplast Rake comb for dogs.jpg
Kong Zoom Groom Firm Dog Blue.jpg
Millers Forge Steel Pet Nail Clipper.jpg
Boao Stainless Steel Pet Comb Pet Grooming Comb.jpg
GROOM PROFESSIONAL Double Sided Flexible Slicker.jpg

Other Essentials

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy - The UK's No.1 Dog Training Book.jpg
Interpet Brain Games For Dogs.jpg
Interactive Play Guide.jpg
Phone Tripod.jpg
Whizzclick, Clicker and Whistle Combined.jpg
Products we Love: Services

Toys and tools such as lick mats are great ways to ensure that your dog is receiving mental stimulation. We offer a range of workshops that can help you find ways to further enhance your dog’s life.

Learn more about our workshops

We love spending time with your dogs and do all we can to ensure they receive the best care. Our team is passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to treating your dog with patience and compassion.

Learn more about our team

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Book your pooch into one of our in-person or online training programs today.

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